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KPS Gets Energised

Kariong Public School now generates its own electricity with the installation of solar panels.  


At Kariong Public School we were lucky enough to install a Solar Photovoltaic System under the National Solar Schools Program.

Our school received $50,000 towards the purchase and installation of a 5kWp system on the administration buliding.

The installation of this system, along with the 5kWp Solar System being installed on our new building under the Building Education Revolution, will allow us to offset our power consumption with clean renewable energy.

We expect that when the second system comes on line we will be able to generate an excess of energy during the weekends and holidays that can fed back into the national grid and reduce our power costs.

Check out our Solar Power Production

If you would like to view our solar production and see how much carbon we are saving from going into the atmosphere, have a look at the solar website.